The Art of Fallout 4



Fallout 4 is an action role-playing video game. It is available on PlayStation or Xbox One systems. The designer Emil Pagliarulo is an amazing artist who designed the cover (shown above) and designed the characters and graphics of the game. He also helped creating the designs used in Skyrim and Fallout 3.




This designer used the contrast element by making one side of the cover light and the other side dark. This makes the design feel more like it has depth. It shows where the source of the light is coming from and makes particular parts of the picture pop out, such as the words and the masked face.




On the mask there are two tubes coming down, on one side the tube has lines as if it was on graph paper or being edited. The designer used repetition here by adding these lines to show the texture of the mask and the tube. I think this use of repetition is very clever because it isn’t obvious but it greatly adds to the design.




The words at the top of the design and the top of the mask are in very well placed alignment. I think the designer was very aware of where they were placing both. Imagine if the designer had put the words flushed to the left or to the right. The whole cover wouldn’t work as well.




The designer might have played around with the words a lot before deciding on this specific design. The box around the ‘Fallout 4’ really makes the letters stand out even though they are in close proximity to ‘The Art of’. And even though the ‘Fallout 4’ part stands out more, you can still obviously see that all the words are connected because of the proximity.




One of the first things I noticed was how on one side of the cover there is a darkness and the other side a lightness. I really love how the designer kept the shadow and light on the words as well as the background and mask. As you can see where I circled the letters are a darker shade of grey and it isn’t all at once either, it’s a gradual shadow on the letters. Very impressive.


Overall, I think the designer was very proud of the end product. I’m sure this design may have taken a while to put all together. Each on of the principles is well shown in this one cover and I think it is obvious where the designer put the principles and that they were aware of using each principle for their benefit.


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