The Skinny Beauty Studio

I was searching through logos to try to find a good photo that had used typography well and found this one. There was no designer or any information about it. I’m not sure what the origination is and couldn’t find any information about that either. I can assume that it is either a salon or some modeling agency.



The first typeface shown in this logo design is Script. It is easily spotted and easily known as script because of the way it looks curly and could be done with a calligraphy pen. This script is connected between the H and the E. It is only the one word in this logo which adds a nice flair.



The second and only other typeface in this design is Sans Serif. The letters do not have the serifs on any end of the letters. As well as that, all the letters have one stroke, there is no thick or thin part of the letters. This typeface is easily recognizable such as the previous one. The rest of the words in this design uses Sans Serif.



Using these two typefaces the design has made such a great contrast. With the word “The” using script it really shows the difference between the rest of the design. Let’s say they had used Sans Serif for all the words, then the logo wouldn’t be as appealing to the eye. The script adds a flair to the whole design. The designer also used the line around skinny to create an amazing contrast. It helps pop the word skinny out of the whole design.


Overall, I think picking the right typefaces to use together is a huge part of designing. Picking the wrong ones could lead to a bad design. This designer did an amazing job with typeface and using a good contrast between them. They also did a good job using the other design principles to create an eye pleasing design.


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