Designing a Magazine Spread

This magazine spread was a lot of work to create from scratch in InDesign. I had to scrap many drafts that I had made in the first place. With this final design I easily appeal to the target audience and used good design techniques to make an amazing spread, while applying all the requirements to the project.



In my design I used the requirements as guidelines and something that would help my creative flow instead of looking at it as rules. I used two columns for my 600 word article. I used a text wrap in my colorful design. In the cover photo, two contrasting texts are very clearly there. I took two of my own photos on my camera. Used the pull quote to tie in the article.


Target Audience

The targeted audience for my magazine spread is meant for kids of younger age or teens. It had bright colors and interesting design that draws them in. I used a design that looks adventurous and happy.



In the cover photo I had decided to go with a sans serif font for the  ‘Great’ and a script for the ‘Adventure!’. I found these two fonts online and thought they worked so well together. I wasn’t going to add the line around the inside, but I thought it gave it more of a magazine look so I added it in.

The design for the spread was hard to come up with. I liked the idea of keeping the background white, which gives it a classic look. For the text wrap I decided to use lines going across the page. I used the colors directly from the sunset picture. I added one line at the bottom to make it look more tied together. With my photography, I used some pictures of sunsets because pictures like that tend to look pretty with minimal effort of shooting them. I had to play around with the fonts, leading, kerning and all that for this good layout of the words.


I’m really proud of myself for learning how to utilize design to my best ability and create this wonderful looking spread. I love the way it turned out, and now have a better understanding of InDesign.


Picture took on the roof of my apartment complex
Took this picture while we were camping.



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