Designing Icons in 2017

Icons in today’s time are made as simple as possible. If you compare it to icons made in the 2000s, then you will see how simplified they have gotten. I made 6 icons with the theme of space in mind. I tried to make them as simple as possible and use the right color scheme for them as well.



Target Audience

I made these icons with the thought of appealing to millennials. Space is becoming more of a popular thing. Photography of the night sky with the stars is becoming more of a hobby now. Another thing I see a lot is simple space tattoos. Most of them are black and white, but I added color to mine to make them seem more of a set. I wanted to appeal to the students in their 20s or High school students.



For the symbols themselves I chose them because they all have a space or science feel to them. At first, I had them all black and white at first, but added color after thinking it looked too boring. I used a lot of round corners in each icon so that they all work together. I added the little black curved lines in some of the designs to make them more interesting to look at. I chose the colors green, purple, yellow, and red because they went well with each design. I kept the middle Icon the only red one because it ties all the other icons to it.


Overall, the icons I made were simple and easy to make. As long as you know how to use illustrator it isn’t hard making these simple line icons. Using the types of design is something to practice and get use to. Make sure you know your audience before you start and go from there. Playing around with each icon there are a million possibilities.


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