Making a Creative Ad

TV Static Ad
Web/Blog Static Ad


Making an ad is not as easy as it seems. It takes many failed drafts to finally make one that looks half decent. The ad is specified to a certain audience and the design is meant specifically for these batteries.


Target Audience:

The target audience was very specific for this design ad. I used a random generator to pick the target audience, which gave me a tough time coming up with my own design. The target audience was males in their mid 20s who are single and have a bachelors degree. Their income is $60,00-$89,000. The two types of advertisements were a TV static ad and a Web/blog static ad. The TV ad was easy to make but fitting the whole design inside the blog ad was incredibly difficult. So I decided to make the ad a workout ad, which appeals to the majority of the target audience.


My design idea was hard to come up with. I originally had an ad using the same slogan, but had an image of someone eating batteries. I then thought of this idea, which is a guy working out. I added the battery picture to the end of the weight to make it seem like he was lifting the battery. For the slogan I wanted to make people think that they could get power from these batteries if they had them powering their electronics. I chose black and white for the color to make the ad look more intense.


In conclusion, making advertisement is a lot harder than it seems. Making sure to include the target audience when making the design is crucial. Being careful in making sure the design has one focal point is very important too. The alignment and typography is incredibly important in making the design whole. Next time you see an advertisement make sure to think of how much work and thought the person who made it put into it.


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