Delta Ad Campaign

For my ad I decided to choose delta, because my mom works for them and I wanted to see if I could make a good looking ad. It wasn’t easy trying to figure out what picture to use, but it was pretty easy picking out the color scheme and fonts.




Design is a simple concept in this ad. The colors are plain and contrast each other very well. The placing of the words is thought out as well. The dark sky shows the blue off very well as opposed to if it was a bright blue sky. The words in the sky also show how it’s in the air like a plane.



The font in this design is very simple and gives it a structured feeling. It’s a simple sans-serif font. I like how that is the only font they used for the whole design. They also put the logo font bolder than the words.





The color in this design is simple. With the blue and red contrasting very well. These colors together give it a very warm and welcoming look.





Final Ad

For my ad I wanted to portray how flying with delta is better than any other flight. I stuck with the same simple theme and tried to stay with the color scheme. I picked a simple saying, that will draw the customer in. Overall this project showed me what an ad campaign is really all about. Keeping the same design elements while also creating multiple unique ads.


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